Professional Development Day
Professional Development Day
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The Duluth Federation of Teachers Local 692 is committed to helping its members in the area of professional growth and development as educators. For the 2019-2020 school year, The DFT has approved an initial amount of 10 substitute days that are available on a first come – first serve basis for non-union related workshops. Approval of request will be using the following guideline:

Approval Guidelines

  • Requests must fit the general purpose of benefiting members professional growth and development in the area of teaching and instruction.
  • Member must provide a written statement on why they are requesting the substitute cost coverage.
  • Member will provide documentation for the workshop or event. A copy will be included in the request. (On-line registration form will be an example of documentation).
  • Discussion & approval (or no approval) will be completed by the DFT Executive Board
  • Member will provide follow-up documentation of attendance. A copy of CEU form would be an example of documentation; a copy of the conference handbook would be an example.
  • Although not required, it would be appreciated if member submitted a short follow-up of their experience. Any type of presentation at a DFT Executive Board or General Membership/Steward meeting also would be appreciated At this time, requests are only considered for full-time active DFT members.


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